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KOREAN Culture For Foreigners By Foreigners


From interest (one word / two word / three word) to jobitel.com/ practical Korean (EPS / TOPIK), it is a Korean language learning service that is available in 30 languages for foreigners.




goPREP provides TESTPREP services based on cloud-based learning services platform
Provide customized learning services for learners through a big data infrastructure that can integrate and analyze learners’ data (content, device, learner’s
learning data, etc.).
This service will advise learners of which is better xjobs.org/ for them between ACT and SAT
Provides three-dimensional video lectures for each unit of learning.
Optimal personalized learning services are available through the presentation lecture VOD by each question
Private tutoring service is possible thru. eBridge World’s Tutor Pool.
An efficient learning process management service based on messenger
Feedback service to recommend optimal learning paths for each category through diagnostic tests (10-15 pages)

Online TESTPREP Service for U.S.
College and Graduate Entrance Tests

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eBridge World’s GoPREP service provides data-based customized services to more than 6 million people every year with online learning content that reflects  the know-how and experience accumulated while operating offline institutes for students preparing for the American College Entrance Exam (ACT/SAT) for  more than 15 years.

1:1, 1:N Private Tutoring Service


The CheektoCheck service of eBeridge World is a tutoring service optimized for education based on its own tutoring tools.

Korean Tutor Pool (400 tutors) and Tutor Pool (150 tutors) consisting of students from the top 10 universities in the U.S.
Provides the blackboard function, quizzes, and voting functions required for tutoring.
Tutoring service for each subject
Tutor Recommendation and Matching Service
Tutor Evaluation and Learning Quality Check
Learning Progress monitoring Service
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