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Our Story

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eBridge World aims to be a true edutech company by establishing an infrastructure to maximize learning performance by efficiently combining learning content and technology (artificial intelligence/clouding computing).


  • Education-specific Services - To deliver rich user experience for online education(i.e., Korean, English, Math etc.)
  • Service-centric Application System - To provide rich CMS & LMS features for education services(i.e., web, app, social media etc.)
  • Application-agnostic Platform System - To enable scalability & extensibility of education features(i.e., web/application server, database etc.)
  • Platform-globalizing Cloud Backbone - To make education services & features available globally & effectively(i.e., AWS, GCP etc.)

Globalization Roadmap

2019 (May 1)
Headquarters, South Korea
2019 (Aug. 30)

2020 (2nd half)
Data Analysis Lab, USA
2021 (1st half)
UK, Australia


  • Top-Notch Team with Balanced Experiences in The Market​



YC Kim

  • EduTech Siwon School/Riiid (AI based Santa TOEIC)/Question bank service (Wonri)
  • Samsung Electronic  executive ( Smart TV service platform)
  • Ncsoft, Naver, Neowiz – service platform
  • Microsoft market PM

Kevin Oh

  • ST Unitas global business
  • Ensight Edu CEO (English languages)
  • Business English instructor
  • McKESSON accountant



Scott Lee

  • Technical Consultant
  • CTO @ A Stealth Startup
  • Samsung Electronic VD division Sr. researcher
  • UCLA – Post-doctorate Researcher, Ph.D., MS in Computer Science
Team leader

Seunghun Lee

  • Web / App Full-Stack expert
  • New Concept development – Service planning – Technology development S/W Architect
  • Agile & Test specialist - Test-Driven Development(TDD) Expert
  • Korea University Computer Science Master’s degree


CP/yalliyalli smart

Su Nandar

  • Yalliyall smart content
  • Arirang TV translator
  • CJ cheiljedang / Daewoo International interpreter
  • SNU Korean Language Education, Master’s degree
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